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  • Light my way

Light my way

There is no gift in life so rewarding as a big sister. Through the years, my sister has had to steer her own course - had to earn her right to go to her first disco, her first holiday abroad and to leave home for the big city. When it came to my time, the precedents were already set - it was so much easier for me to cruise along in her wake! Last October, my big sister got engaged. When she asked me to be her maid of honour, I was thrust into the terrifying world of wedding planning - as she kept us up to speed with her efforts to book church, venue, band, photographer... the endless list! And 6 months later, just as I grappled with learning how to plan a hen party (no mean feat!), my own boyfriend popped the question! In October this year, my sister will walk up the aisle, the most beautiful bride you will ever see. And 10 months later, God willing, I will make my own journey up the aisle, with my sister lighting my way as my maid of honour. And around her neck, she will wear this simple golden pendant, symbolizing not just our recent shared experiences, but a lifetime of being my compass and guiding light.

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