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Ring Sizing


A well fitting ring should go over your knuckle with a slight push, and sit comfortably on your finger without pinching the skin.

We advise that you get your ring size measured at your local jewellery shop where it will be expertly assessed using the proper equipment. Please specify to the jeweller  if you are intending to buy a narrow or wider band as this affects the size.  Avoid getting your finger measured when your hands are much warmer or colder than normal, as this can also influence ring size.

An alternative method is to find a ring that fits that finger, make sure it is perfectly round, and use a very sharp pencil to draw inside the ring as close to the band as possible. Take the diameter and use the table here to determine the ring size.

Remember your right and left hand will be different sizes so be sure to get the measurement for the correct finger!

American and European sizes are numeric and in Ireland and England we have an alphabetical system. If you are unsure when ordering your ring, just include whatever finger size you know to be correct, and let us do the converting!