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  • Your Life

Your Life

On leaving my job of 11 years to move to London the amazing group of women I worked with gifted me the 'Your Life' necklace. The woman who picked out the piece had recently given her own daughter the same necklace as she too was leaving home and moving to London. The first few months in London were not easy, with many challenges and setbacks. During this time the necklace became a source of strength and comfort, a reminder to believe in myself and the journey I was taking. After 6 months of trials and tribulations I was offered my dream job as a PhD Marie Curie researcher ,my project is aimed at understanding how heritage objects can provide a source of comfort and therapeutic effect for patients undergoing chemotherapy. In one of my first presentations to a class of masters students I used my necklace as a personal heritage object example and the therapeutic effect it holds for me. The woman who gave me the necklace is currently enduring her own treatment for cancer and if I am selected I would like to give her the Las mo shli as I will forever be grateful for the beautiful and inspiring gift she gave me.

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